Terms & Conditions

In order for Wajax Equipment to supplement and verify the information contained herein, the customer authorizes Wajax Equipment, its agents and representatives, to receive and exchange credit and financial information relating to the customer from and with any reporting agency, credit bureau or other corporation or person with whom the customer proposes to have financial dealings. 

a) I understand and agree that should credit be extended, payment in full is due no later than thirty (30) days from the date of each invoice charged to the account. Orders may be withheld if balances exceed this time frame. The purchases of major equipment items are due upon delivery. Any amount which 
becomes past due is subject to a service charge of 2.0% compounded monthly (26.8% annually). This rate is subject to adjustment without notice. Applicant/s further agree that Wajax reserves the right to increase, decrease, modify, suspend and or cancel applicants credit privileges at any time without notice to the applicant. 

b) All invoices and statements shall be deemed to be correct, ratified and confirmed by the Customer unless written notice to the contrary is received by the company within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the invoice and statements by the Customer. Invoices and statements shall be deemed to have been received on the third business day after mailing. 

c) Prior authorization must be obtained before returning goods for credit and any returns are subject to a restocking charge. A return authorization number will be provided and must be clearly indicated on your shipment (prepaid shipments only). 

d) The Customer agrees to notify Wajax Equipment of any changes concerning the financial stability of the Company/Individual notwithstanding. This also encompasses the dissolution of the company, changes in principals, shareholders, directors, changes or elimination of legal status, etc. 

e) Title to all parts and equipment shall remain vested to Wajax Equipment, and nothing contained in this document or any others shall be deemed to have the effect of transferring right or title in any goods supplied until such time as the debt has been repaid in full. The Customer hereby grants to Wajax 
Equipment a security interest in any goods, parts and equipment purchased by it, as security for the obligation of the Customer to pay the purchase price and all other amounts owing to Wajax Equipment. 

f) I certify that all statements made herein this application to be correct to the best of my knowledge. Should a default of this account occur, I/we agree to pay all costs including but not limited to legal fees on a Solicitor and his/her own client basis, and other costs incurred to recover the said amounts owing. 

g) I understand that Wajax Equipment reserves the right to reconsider and revoke credit privileges if the account is not being maintained and operated in a satisfactory manner. In addition, all risk of damage or loss passes to the customer upon receipt of the goods or services. 

h) Wajax Equipment* limits its liability to written warranty supplied at time of delivery or rendering of service and will not assume liability for any other warranty expressed or implied statutory or otherwise, including consequential damages and in no case shall this liability exceed the price of goods supplied or services rendered to the Customer. 

I) I, the Signatory have fully read and agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions. 

j) I declare that I have the full authority to commit the applicant company/individual to these terms and conditions. 

k) Applicant agrees that failure to provide appropriate purchase orders et all to Wajax will not be considered grounds for dispute or non-payment. Wajax cannot be held accountable for third party purchase policies. 


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