Privacy Policy

Wajax Industries and our business affiliates are committed to protecting the accuracy, security and privacy of the personal information collected from our customers, suppliers and employees. Wajax is governed either by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), or applicable provincial equivalents. To this end, Wajax has developed policies and procedures relating to privacy protection. Employees across the Western Division of Wajax are held accountable for complying with these privacy policies. Any questions or concerns regarding our policies can be directed to our Privacy Officer. 

Personal Information vs Business Contact Information

Personal information is defined within PIPEDA as "information about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization." It may include any factual or subjective, recorded or unrecorded, information about an identifiable individual, including: the name, address and telephone number of a customer; e-mail addresses; income information; ethnic origin; opinions; evaluations; comments; financial information and purchasing habits. Provincial legislation may contain a different definition of personal information. 

Business Contact information, which is excluded from PIPEDA and PIPA regulations, is generally defined as any information typically available on a business card. This would include such information as Contact Name and Title, Business Address, Business Phone and Fax Numbers, Business Cell Phone Number and Business E-mail Address. This information is not classified as personal information and may be collected, used and disclosed without consent. 

Personal Information Collected

Wajax Industries collects and records only that information which is required to effectively serve your business needs. Wajax may collect personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address, language and other information needed to provide specific services to you. This may also include the collection of purchase, rental and credit information and general information on your business and equipment needs. Knowing our customers allows Wajax to continually serve you better. 

Wajax does not typically collect personal information, given that the vast majority of our business ventures involve other companies. However, should we gather personal information from an individual customer (ie: a Private Owner / Operator), it will be utilized strictly to administer the business contract for our products and/or services. Aside from the types of personal information listed above, the following additional personal information may be collected: Financial or Banking information; Trade References. 

Purpose of Collection

  • Personal and Business Contact information is collected and maintained by Wajax, through fair and lawful means, for the following typical purposes: 
  • Processing of warranty claims 
  • Billing and after sales follow-up 
  • Basic communications with you 
  • To advise you of future products or services available to you 
  • To meet any legal requirements 
  • To provide products and services requested by you 
  • For marketing purposes within our divisions and subsidiaries if we believe that their services can be of benefit to you 
  • To our finance partners such as Wajax Finance to allow them to process your applications for credit 
  • To our third party service providers to allow us to operate our business including to provide you with marketing offers, collect overdue accounts, deliver products and process credit card payments and charges 
  • To other third party service providers to assist us with establishing, managing and terminating an employment relationship 
  • In other limited circumstances as permitted by the Act. 
  • Methods of Collecting Personal Information: 

Wajax may collect personal information in a variety of ways, the most common of which follow: 

  • Credit applications, credit checks, purchase agreements, rental agreements, service agreements and other such business agreements. 
  • Registrations on our Web site 
  • Business cards, surveys, market research and other business intelligence sources such as credit agencies 
  • Conversations with you, whether by phone or in person. 
  • In the ordinary course of business through the employment relationship. 

In addition, in some of our Web applications we use "cookies" - pieces of information that may be placed on your computer by the Web site for the purpose of facilitating or enhancing your communication and interaction with that site. In such cases a cookie is placed on your computer (if accepted) or is read if the corresponding Web site has been previously visited. Cookies help us deliver personalized content and are an integral part of some of our Web applications. We may also use cookies to obtain statistics on the use of our Web sites and applications. You may stop or restrict the placement of cookies on your computer or flush them from your browser by adjusting your web browser preferences. However, the rejection of certain cookies may interfere with the functionality of the Web site. We do not use cookies to retrieve information from your computer for purposes that are unrelated to the service being offered over the applicable Web site or your interaction with that Web site. 

Computer and Internet Information

Wajax may collect information about your computer hardware and software. This information may include: your IP address, browser type, operating system, domain name, access times and referring Web site addresses. We also collect information about which specific pages are viewed within our Web sites and applications. We use this information for system administration, Web server load balancing and for our internal security audit log. We do not link your IP address to any personal information provided to us by you through our Web site, but it may be used to help identify you for the duration of a session and to gather broad, aggregate demographic information about visitors to our Web sites. 


As mentioned above, "Business Contact" information is not considered as "Personal", and is excluded from Privacy Law regulations. Consent is not required for collecting Business Contact information. Under the new Privacy Laws, consent is required to collect Personal information. Customers generally consent to Wajax' collection, usage and disclosure of personal information for the purposes defined above, by agreeing to provide the information. This consent can be "Express" (verbal, written or electronic), or it can be "Implied". Implied consent occurs in instances where previous consent has been provided to Wajax, or where a customer relationship already exists. 

As our customer or supplier, you may withdraw consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information at any time. This can be done by contacting the Wajax Privacy Officer. Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information: 

Wajax, as part of its Privacy policies, limits the usage, disclosure and retention of personal information. Personal information is only used and disclosed for the purpose of which it was gathered, unless the customer / supplier has consented otherwise, or in cases where the it is required by law. Should personal information be shared with third parties, these third parties are bound by written agreements with Wajax whereby they are legally responsible for upholding and protecting the security of the personal information. 

Personal information is held by Wajax for the period of time required to sustain a positive business relationship, or as required by law. Upon conclusion of this period, such information is destroyed. 

Protection of Personal Information

Wajax is committed to protecting your personal information against loss, theft and unauthorized access, disclosure, use or modification by instituting security safeguards consistent with the sensitivity, amount, format, nature and storage of the information. Personal information provided to us in electronic form is stored in secure computer servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities. It should be noted that e-mails sent to us are not a secure means of communication unless you have encrypted your message. Paper files are maintained in secure locations with various levels of restricted access based on the sensitivity of the information. These files are kept in locked file cabinets, behind locked doors. 

Accessing your Personal Information: 

In accordance with the Privacy Act, upon written request, satisfactory identification and proof of entitlement, you can access your personal information by contacting the Privacy Officer. Upon reviewing your information you can change or update it by providing the correct information to us or take such other action as permitted by the Act. If you advise us that any of your personal information is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, in a reasonable period of time we will amend our records and advise third parties as necessary of these changes in order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of such information. Challenging to our Compliance with the Privacy Act: You may challenge our compliance with the Act and /or this Privacy Statement by contacting the Privacy Officer, who will diligently review your challenge within a reasonable time period. 

The Privacy Officer can be reached at, or by submitting your challenge in writing to 16745 -111 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5M 2S4. 

If you are not satisfied with the response, you may choose to redirect your challenge to our Corporate Privacy Officer within our parent company, Wajax .