Material Handling Equipment

Wajax Equipment provides material handling equipment to a variety of industries. Our enormous selection of material handlers includes forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, telescopic forklifts, forklift tires, forklift attachments and more. We source the absolute highest quality available material handlers on the market, offering brands like Hyster, JCB, Solideal and Yale. Please note, not all of our material handling equipment product lines are offered in all locations across Ontario or Canada, so please contact your local Wajax location for your local information.

Material Handling Equipment Services From Wajax

Wajax Equipment is constantly working to improve our material handler aftermarket support services to ensure we continue to lead the industry in minimizing downtime and optimizing returns on investments. Please see our inventory of previously owned material handlers available now.

Wajax Used Equipment

Material Handling Equipment Parts

Through our UNISOURCE™ program, Wajax can supply the parts for over 100 brands and 3,800 models of material handlers, to ensure you get the right parts for just about any brand of material handler. Our exclusive selection of material handler parts and accessories includes forklift tires, chains, batteries and pallet jacks. With millions of top quality material handling equipment parts and accessories from nearly any brand, we offer them at the most competitive prices possible. 

Wajax Heavy Equipment Parts

Material Handler Rental Services

Want a material handler for a short term? Wajax offers many material handlers for rent or rent-to-own in several areas across Canada. Contact your branch to learn more. 

Wajax Rental & Rent To Own Services

Material Handling Equipment Maintenance

Wajax Equipment’s trained technicians can provide the service support you need to keep your material handlers up and running longer with less downtime. With some of the best machine technicians on the market, we can guarantee the service labour on any brand of material handling equipment performed by Wajax technicians for 6 months.

Wajax Equipment Service

Material Handling Equipment Fleet Maintenance

Wajax can help you maintain your entire material handler fleet and lower your costs through fully customized national fleet maintenance programs across Canada.

Wajax Fleet Management Services

Periodic Maintenance Programs

Keep your material handling equipment fleet performing optimally with periodic maintenance.

Wajax Periodic Maintenance Programs

Battery & Charger Maintenance Programs

Wajax offers monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly inspection with complete analysis of your electric and manual material handling equipment, batteries, and chargers. 

Wajax Battery Maintenance Programs

Forklift Operator Safety Training

Wajax offers professional forklift training and forklift certification / licensing programs that are designed to enhance operator performance and safety. Our instructors can train any material handling equipment operator from beginners to experts and even trainers.

Wajax Forklift Training Programs

Forklift Inspections

Annual material handler inspections are mandatory in Ontario and Nova Scotia, and a good idea no matter which province you’re in. Wajax provides on-site inspections of many material handling equipment components as well as provides pre-use inspection checklists.

Wajax Lift Inspection Services

Chain Inspections

Load chains must be examined regularly to ensure safety. Call your local branch today and book a free* material handler chain inspection.

*At participating branches

Wajax Chain Inspection Services

Gas & Emission Analysis

Most material handling equipment must be monitored to ensure safe air quality. Prevent employee sickness and even death with Wajax’s gas and emission analysis services. 

Call your local Wajax branch today to learn more and schedule an appointment.


Hydra Smooth

Hydra Smooth is a hydraulic accumulator that turns lift cylinders into a shock absorber system. Designed to reduce hydraulic pressure on material handlers, it reduces shock and vibration levels, which lessens wear and tear on equipment and operators. 

Telemetry Solutions

Remotely receive hour meter readings on mobile material handling equipment, transmitted nightly via digital paging network to On Board Communications web-based software program, LiftTraks™.

G-Force Impact Monitoring Systems

Wajax is proud to offer some of the best safety systems in the material handling equipment industry. G-Force offers three system levels, allowing complete customization for your needs.

ID Systems

With a continued goal of becoming your one-stop service provider, Wajax has partnered with I.D. Systems Inc., a leader in Wireless Fleet Management. ID Systems utilizes a Vehicle Asset Communicator (VAC) on each material handler. 

Pallet Jacks

Our ELP-55 hand pallet jack series is great for moving loads in all types of applications, download our PDF for full details.

Think Wajax For Material Handling Equipment

For anything relating to material handling equipment including sales, used machines, lift inspections or forklift training, not to mention service, maintenance and parts, think Wajax. We know what your equipment means to you. 

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