Accelerate your production without compromising on efficiency with the ZW310-5B Wheel Loader. This loader delivers on all levels; superior reliability, outstanding visibility, easy to use controls and power that responds with speed and precision.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the construction industry, and is the world’s leading producer of intelligent power shovels.

Hitachi’s main product line is hydraulic excavators for the construction, mining and forestry and agriculture industries, with the company manufacturing countless models, from medium sized wheeled excavators and reduced tail swing excavators, to mini excavators and ultra-large mining excavators like the 780-ton EX8000-6 excavator. Hitachi also markets forestry log loaders, rigid frame haul trucks, forestry road builders, among other products made in partnership with other manufacturers.

The Hitachi construction machinery legacy was born with the first power shovel made entirely from Japanese technologies in 1949, and since then, the company has remained an industry leader. In 2000, the company introduced ZAXIS, the world’s first series of power shovels equipped with IT capabilities. Hitachi continues to aggressively implement IT technologies into its machinery to this day.