To old-timers, it may seem like yesterday. Creaky, unstable timbers groaning under the weight of shaky mine roofs. Small, open cap lamp flames lighting the way for hard-working miners. Caged canaries alerting crews to toxic air. In today's world, the difference is night and day. That was 1937; this is now.


James H. Fletcher began his company intent on developing technology that would greatly improve mine productivity and reduce personnel risk by using rubber-tire, non-track-mounted vehicles in underground applications. In 1938, the company showed its first products at a coal show in Cincinnati; a rubber-tire tractor and drop-bottom conveyor.


Since that time, J.H. Fletcher & Co.™ has operated with a singular vision: to work with a vigilant focus on finding ways to improve mining processes and reducing risk for the people who work there. Look at the timeline. Isn't this the kind of company you want working for you?